In our age of video games, excessive media, fast food, and skyrocketing obesity levels in kids, the simple life skills of self-discipline, respect and courtesy have been trampled upon.

Now, picture your child with the focus, confidence and inner-peace of a Kung Fu Black Belt…..  

Imagine your child learning to cultivate an “inner-confidence” that leads to a respectful attitude towards you, teachers and even other friends.

So – how can your child develop extraordinary strength, confidence, focus, respect and courtesy?

Kung Fu of course 🙂  

For over 20 years at United Martial Arts, we’ve trained children like yours with character-building tools that are unique to our program and lineage. No other sport or activity can match the life skills learned in Kung Fu. 

Plus, unlike other popular sports, Kung Fu is completely safe for your child and can help prevent injuries in other sports. This is why professional athletes often turn to Kung Fu to gain a competative advantage.

We would love to offer your child or teen a free lesson. In this lesson, we’ll focus on skills they can use IMMEDIATELY to shift from an emotional reaction to thoughtful action.

We're conveniently located at 12409 Indian School road, Avondale near Dysart road and Indian School road. We've been in this location for over 15-years and have trained generations!

What Kids Are Saying

“I have ADHD and struggled in school. My UMA training has given me more focus and discipline. I am proud to report that this has helped my grades improve dramatically.”

Jacob Roshetto

““One of my victories from training at UMA is that I came in one day and didn’t feel good and after I was done training, I felt better and felt full of energy. I have been working on being nice toward my brother and since I started training, it hasn’t been hard anymore. I would say that training in UMA is a great pleasure and gives you a feeling of energy. Each time I leave I feel a little bit stronger than when I came in.”

Stacy Carson, 12

What Parents Are Saying

“Since my children have been training on the Black Belt training w/ UMA we have noticed increased self-esteem and confidence. Their ability to focus at school has improved and they also maintain a more positive attitude about life. They are truly proud of what they have learned and overall Korban and Konnor have grown stronger physically and mentally. Thanks UMA!”

Jenny Maloney, Korban, and Konnor

“As a single parent UMA has provided my son and I a place to bond and train together, a once in a life time experience. As a female in Law Enforcement I must keep in top physical condition, I must also be confident, disciplined & focused. UMA helps me maintain this. As for my son UMA has taught him on a deeper level respect, focus and self-esteem. All important tools needed to be successful in anything in life.”

Detective Rachel Passeri

Our Master Teachers

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